Why outsource?

Discover the benefits of an offshore team

Offshore staffing and our transparent pricing model

Our offshore staffing services offer much more than just cost savings, although that is undoubtedly a significant advantage. Partnering with us provides access to a diverse talent pool that can help your business thrive in a highly competitive market.

Our offshoring services grant you the freedom to manage your own pre-screened team in Lebanon, exclusively working for you and reporting directly to you. Communication with your team can be established through various channels, while we assign a dedicated account manager to support you.

Utilizing our expertise in offshoring, we aim to assist you in establishing a strong foundation without imposing our own methods or technology. We will help you define your staffing requirements and create job profiles, while our recruitment team will provide a shortlist of screened candidates for your consideration. Additionally, our IT team will establish the necessary infrastructure, and we will offer guidance on operations and management, identify key performance indicators, and deliver comprehensive support services.

How much can you save with offshore staffing? Our transparent offshore staffing pricing model eliminates any uncertainty in budgeting for your offshore staff. It comes with several benefits:

    • No upfront fees: You will receive your first invoice only after your offshore team begins working. This invoice covers their salaries and our service fee.
    • Direct control over budget: You have complete oversight of your offshore staff’s compensation, allowing you to directly manage and control labor costs.
    • Elimination of conflicts of interest: Our transparent pricing model eliminates any conflicts of interest commonly found in traditional BPO models. This ensures that you can hire the best-qualified staff without compromising on benefits.

What are the advantages of offshore staffing for your business? Offshore staffing offers numerous benefits to organizations looking to outsource various business processes or functions:

    • Cost reduction: By outsourcing, you can save up to 70% on labor and operating costs. This allows you to allocate resources to other areas of your business.
    • Improved quality and efficiency: Offshore staffing enables you to delegate time-consuming and repetitive tasks to your offshore team, freeing up your onshore team to focus on their core strengths. This boosts output quality and operational efficiency.
    • Scale quickly: Outsourcing enables you to quickly scale your operations by expanding your team without the need for additional infrastructure or hiring processes. This flexibility is especially valuable during periods of growth or increased demand.

Reduce cost

Efficiently cutting labor and operating expenses by up to 70%

Labor costs account for a significant portion of a company’s total expenses, including recruitment, training, wages, and annual leave. In some organizations, these costs can reach up to 70% of the total. Hiring more employees often requires additional infrastructure and resources, which can strain an organization’s finances. Outsourcing provides businesses with the opportunity to relieve financial pressure and reduce costs. Studies have shown that cost reduction is the primary reason why businesses choose to outsource.

By partnering with a quality outsourcing provider in Lebanon, businesses can save up to 70% on employment costs while maintaining the same level of talent and quality. This allows businesses to redirect their savings towards areas with maximum potential for profit, such as product research, marketing, or increased production. Outsourcing also relieves executives and managers from administrative burdens such as recruitment, training, and performance management, as these responsibilities are taken care of by the outsourcing provider.

Scaling with ease

Navigating growth and demand without excessive hassle and expenditure

Expanding a workforce requires careful balancing between increased demand, new opportunities, and workload pressures on existing staff. However, it also comes with a daunting list of costs, from infrastructure and office space to recruitment and training. On the other hand, downsizing a team can also pose financial and logistical challenges. Outsourcing allows businesses to quickly access individual staff members or establish entire teams within a short timeframe, typically six to eight weeks. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of doing so in-house, as outsourcing providers take care of recruiting, training, security checks, and onboarding. Furthermore, ongoing performance management is also handled by the outsourcing provider, ensuring that offshoring recruits deliver the expected results. All of this is provided for a low monthly fee, alleviating the need for significant upfront investments.

Another advantage of outsourcing is the ease with which organizations can scale down operations when circumstances change. With no leases to break, benefits to be paid out, or expensive equipment to store or offload, businesses can swiftly and seamlessly adjust their operations as needed. This flexibility is highly appealing for many businesses, as it allows them to adapt to changing market conditions without major disruptions.